Frequently Asked Questions

When you post a trip request, your expert will attempt to answer every question you have about travel, flying, and frequent flyer miles.

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Why use Flightfox?

Our mission is to help you travel farther, wider, better and cheaper. We leverage our experts' knowledge and deep experience with cost-saving tricks to customize an itinerary that reflects your preferences and budget without bias.

How much is the fee?

The fee depends on the complexity of your trip. Premium, multi-city and group trips take longer. To see the exact fee, enter your trip details and you'll see the fee calculated in real-time. It is a single fixed fee per trip.

What is the guarantee?

You can see the guarantee for your trip type on the get started page. All calculations for the guarantees are only based on your price to beat if it is valid. If it is invalid, we only guarantee the lowest price. There are strictly no refunds if we meet the guarantee.


How does Flightfox work?

You start by posting your trip request and details. We review those details and decide if we can help. If so, we build the best itinerary at the lowest price. We provide full booking instructions so you can book quickly before the price rises.

How do the experts make money?

We charge a simple service fee to help with your trip. The experts don't take any commissions, so you know their advice is completely unbiased. Most travel agents and travel websites earn money on your bookings, so their advice may not be unbiased.

Do I have to purchase the flight?

No. You are in no way obligated to purchase the itinerary proposed to you. As discussed, our experts make no money from your bookings. They are only interested in providing you with the best options and lending their expertise.


How much can I save?

Your expert will find you the lowest price available; that's our guarantee. Sometimes you will save $1,000s, but other times you may decide to pay more for better flights. In any event, you will receive the absolute lowest price that matches your requirements.

Are you as cheap as Kayak, Expedia, etc?

Yes, most often we're even cheaper. We can access all of their prices and in cases when they have the best price, we won't hesitate to point you there. Since we don't take any commissions, we can focus solely on building you the best trip at the lowest price.

What else do you offer?

Everything flight-related! If you've traveled before, you know that cost isn't everything. We not only find you the cheapest flights, but offer insider travel advice on airports, frequent flyer programs, premium cabins, and more.


What if something goes wrong?

Let your expert know. They are best placed to help with any issues. They know your trip, they know the providers, and they can help you make changes quickly. It helps that they know more about travel than anyone else we know!

What if my expert is unresponsive?

An expert may be temporarily unresponsive if they have Internet issues or are asleep. Keep in mind they are from all over the world across various timezones. We have a robust notification system, so they will respond as soon as they can.

What if I am unhappy with the service?

If you were unable to resolve your issues with your expert, please contact us.

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