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  • What is your team's main priority in working with Flightfox?
  • How does your team book travel at the moment?
  • What would make you love Flightfox?
  • What is Flightfox?

    Flightfox is a new breed of travel concierge. Our genuine travel experts work directly with your team. We do all the searching, booking, amending, support, and strategy.

  • How do we help your team?

    With us handling everything related to travel, your team can focus on what matters most. When one of your people wants to travel, they post a brief trip request and we take care of the rest.

  • How do we save you thousands?

    Our pedigree is saving thousands for consumers. We've adapted this to teams by understanding their goals, fine-tuning their policies, analyzing how they travel and applying deep technical analysis to each itinerary.

  • How do we help you travel better?

    We analyze your spending, track your travel, maximize your loyalty benefits, and use our expertise to help you travel in luxury more often than any of our competitors, guaranteed!

  • How is Flightfox different?

    Our experts don't work on commissions so they can focus solely on the art and science of traveling better for less. As a result, they are the most technical in the industry and by far the best equipped to help improve your travel.

  • What is the pricing?

    We charge $30 for a trip plus $20 per person per destination. For this, we search and booking everything: flights, hotels, cars, you name it. There's a $20 per person per destination surcharge for premium or award travel.

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