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  • If you provide a quote, we guarantee to beat it by more than our fee, or we do NOT charge you a cent.

  • With no quote, you get the full service! We charge our fee upfront and guarantee to find you the lowest prices.

What's the catch?



  • What is Flightfox?

    Flightfox is a marketplace of genuine travel experts. These experts have an extraordinarily deep understanding of flights, hotels and loyalty programs.

    You can use Flightfox by launching a trip request on this page. Our experts then review your request, ask necessary questions, and work as hard as they can to find you the best flights.

  • Who are the experts?

    Our travel experts are like you and me, they're just a lot more obsessed with flying around the world on better airlines and in better hotels for less. Unlike you and me, they enjoy conducting 100s of searches and building amazing itineraries.

    In aggregate, the Flightfox experts live on six continents and have visited more than 140 countries. They frequent the best private flight forums, subscribe to all the airline newsletters, and recite airport IATA codes like the alphabet.

  • How do they find savings?

    Our experts help you save by applying their technical skill and many years of experience to the best search algorithms on the planet.

    They don't just use these algorithms by searching Expedia, they develop tricks, strategies, industry contacts, proprietary deal access and custom software.

  • What if I don't save?

    If you provide a quote, you don't pay if you don't save; it's as simple as that and there's no funny business. We highly recommend providing a quote so you get the savings guarantee.

    As you configure your trip on this page, we show you our guarantee and the simple terms. We've worded these terms as simply as possible, so you can rely on them without fine print.

  • Why does it work?

    Flightfox works for one reason: our experts are more obsessed with flights, hotels and loyalty programs than anyone on the planet.

    We've made this work for you too with a business model that makes sense. We aren't dependent on commissions like travel agents, so we are 100% on your side, and we only charge if you save, so there's virtually no risk.

Base Search Fee$49
0 Places$0
1 Person$0
Economy Class$0
No Miles$0
Same Itineraries$0
Total Search Fee$49

You will NOT be charged this fee upfront. We will charge it only once we are sure we can meet our guarantee.

For this type of trip, we charge this fee upfront, but we refund immediately if we cannot meet our guarantee.

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