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We are fanatical about customer satisfaction. We ask 100% of our customers to rate us and we publish our rating each day. You can read our most recent testimonials below.

30-Day Average
Flight Expert Tom

Expert Tom

"Tom was amazing. This was the first time I used Flightfox. Asiana Business Class New York to Asia for a little more than double Coach."
— Gary

Business · 2 People · 1 Places · Miles
Flight Expert Alex

Expert Alex

"Very quick to respond with an itinerary! Nothing was too much trouble. Was able to make amendments easily and quickly!"
— Renee

Economy · 2 People · 8 Places
Flight Expert Lucas

Expert Lucas

"Lucas is effective and quick, and was very responsive to the many questions I had, seems to be a specialist for Europe."
— Ramsey

Economy · 1 People · 1 Places
Flight Expert Jens

Expert Jens

"I really appreciate all of your help. I would like to tell who ever is in charge that you're super helpful and... you should get 6 stars!"
— Orley

Economy · 1 People · 1 Places
Flight Expert Woj

Expert Woj

"Wojciech was great and really worked with me through several options and plans using points and cash. Awesome!"
— Zac

Business · 1 People · 2 Places · Miles
Flight Expert Jorge

Expert Jorge

"Jorge is a phenomenal flight hacker who used some really cool tricks to help me book a multi-destination trip to Asia."
— Brett

Economy · 2 People · 2 Places
Flight Expert Crystal

Expert Crystal

"Crystal did an impressive job on our multi-cities booking; remarkable precision, amazing responsiveness and real kindness."
— Chabaud

Economy · 2 People · 3 Places
Flight Expert Matt

Expert Matt

"I never thought I could have gotten my flight so cheap. I found my flight for a min of $2000 on my own. He got it for $1500 very quick!"
— Jacob

Economy · 2 People · 1 Places
Flight Expert Dave

Expert Dave

"I was on a deadline to find a flight with specific time requirements. Dave was prompt, friendly, and saved me almost $400."
— Matthew

Economy · 1 People · 1 Places
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How it Works

1. You Describe the Trip

Include your destinations, dates, flexibility, and any other preferences. Don't worry if you miss anything, we'll be chatting soon.

2. We Find the Best Flights

Your expert isn't alone. Behind the scenes, we all chat and collaborate on routing, pricing, deals, airlines, cabins, and more.

3. You Fly Better For Less

Once booked, sit back and wait to depart for your trip. If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch and say hello.

What We Do Best

Premium & Honeymoon

Whether a special occasion or you just prefer to fly up front, we have you covered. Helping you fly in style for less is our raison d'ĂȘtre.

Overseas & Multi-City

The further you fly, the more we can help. We have a planeload of tips and tricks to reduce travel time, layovers and cost.

Corporate & Group

Want the shortest route in the best cabin for the lowest price? No problem. No trip itinerary is too complex for our experts.

When it Happens

1. Expert Search

Your expert will start searching as soon as they are free. This usually starts within 3-6 hours, but may take longer on weekends.

2. First Itinerary

For simple trips, your expert will post the best itinerary within 3-24 hours. For the most complex trips, it may take up to 48 hours.

3. All Booked

You can be completely booked in anywhere between 3-72 hours. Most trips take 6-24 hours. Please contact us for urgent requests.

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Why Flightfox?

The Best Flights Every Time

Our experts find you the best flights for the lowest prices every time. They use their industry know-how and custom-built tools to conduct the most exhaustive searches possible.

Only Genuine Flight Experts

Our experts read, study, search, book and experiment with flights each and every day. They have technical university degrees and have flown around the world many times.

Customer Happiness Fanatics

We are fanatical about customer happiness because that is how we grow. No advertising, no sales calls, just customers who receive exceptional service and tell their friends.

Concierge Quality Service

When you use Flightfox, you work directly with a senior flight expert who will be with you until you are booked and happy. If you have any questions at any time, just ask your expert.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, with our Pay Later option, we guarantee to beat your best quote by more than our fee. With our Pay Now option, we guarantee to find the lowest price.

Why should I use Flightfox?

It's nice to have someone on your side to do all the work and use their deep industry knowledge for you. Not only do you get better flights at the lowest prices, it's fun too :)

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