About Flightfox

Flightfox is a marketplace of flight experts. We use custom built tools and ongoing research to help you travel farther, wider and better for less.

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How it Works?

Flightfox is a marketplace of genuine flight experts. These experts have an extraordinarily deep understanding of flight routing, loyalty programs and airfare pricing.

You can use Flightfox by launching a trip request for any of our experts. Your chosen expert will review your trip details, ask any necessary questions, and work as hard as they can to find you the absolute best flights.

Our most loyal customers use Flightfox because they want to travel farther, wider, better and cheaper. They save a planeload of time and money by leaving it to the professionals.

Why it Works?

Flightfox works due to one simple fact: our experts search/book/travel all day, every day, so they know more about this topic than almost anyone else on Earth.

They don't just know where to find the cheapest fares, but they constantly research airlines, premium cabins, loyalty programs, aircraft, industry news, and more. Many of them have even flown and jumped out of aircraft.

By using Flightfox, all of this experience transfers to you. You don't have to spend years becoming an expert yourself, for a small fee our experts are at your service.

When it Works?

Flightfox works when you want it to work. If you have a long trip, a short trip or even a train trip, Flightfox will work as long as you want a better trip.

To get the most value, it certainly helps to be flexible and travel carry-on only, but neither are necessary. Our experts often find better flights within strict dates for less money due to the breadth and speed of their search.

Otherwise, just leave everything to your flight expert. They are fanatically focused on customer satisfaction because that's how they make money to live.

Our Team

The Flightfox team is based all over the world. We've worked from Montreal, Sydney, San Francisco, Berlin, Managua, Tallinn and many other cities. Next stop maybe somewhere in Asia, the Middle East, or wherever the cheap flights take us.

Alex Voicu

I build complex itineraries with ease and have the most experience with round the world, multi city and group trips. Helped over 900 customers find awesome deals, most of them recommend us to their friends and so will you!

Andrés Martínez

As a traveller, I want to visit the entire world and I know many routes and tricks to save money, and it's how I have reached almost 100 countries. I'm an expert in long-haul flights departing and visiting Europe, South America and North America.

Andy von Ah

I use tricks and strategies to get the most favourable flights that suit to your travel plans the best. Especially experienced in trips within and between Europe, Asia and Africa. My personal travel experience is also off the beaten track.

Antoine Gerard

I'm an expert travel planner especially for trips departing and visiting Europe, Asia and Africa. I’m from Belgium, but I've travelled to more than 40 countries with a big love for Asia. I speak Dutch, French and English fluently and I understand some German as well.

Crystal McGlashan

I'm a budget savvy traveler who's learned the top tricks to help you get the best flights. I put into practice creative strategies to help you save. I'm also an expert at travel planning & can help you plan your next trip

Dave Langille

My expertise is with North American and European departures. I utilize tonnes of tricks to provide prices lower than anything you can find yourself. I will save you money and time, while providing awesome service!

Jens Fisker

Very experienced traveller, loyalty program expert and master flight hacker, with main focus on intercontinental trips from Europe/USA/Canada. Owner of a thick, black book full of tricks to make your flights cheaper. Guaranteed!

John Leonard

Professional travel hacker that specializes in international flights originating in the US and Canada. Expert in multi-city, round the world, or even simple round-trips, especially to Europe and Asia.

Jorge Estrada

Back when I was a cash-strapped student living in the NYC area, I had to learn every deal, trick, and hack in order to afford travel. Now, I use my years of experience to help you find the best rates in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Lauren McLeod

Whether you're after a luxury once-in-a-lifetime trip or you're a backpacker on a budget, I can help. I'm an adventurer at heart and have travelled throughout all continents except Antarctica, but it's on the bucket list. What's on yours?

Lucas Kleine

I get flights between North America & Europe and between Australia & North America much cheaper than anyone else! I’m also the only expert who has access to unpublished & private negotiated fares between the U.S. & Germany.

Matt van der Rohe

A two-year Flightfox veteran using nifty tricks and unpublished fares to save travelers time and money. I'll beat the standard search engines for trips between North America and Europe, RTW, and trips to South America.

Roland Dai

Flightfox's Asia-Pacific expert, I find the lowest fares to and within Asia, Australia as well as flights to North America or Europe and miles/points -- Need to reach out urgently, or for any reason? Tweet me @FlightfoxRoland

Todd Sullivan

I've lived on 5 continents and spent quite a few years flying every which way around the world. My specialty is super-cheap business/first class airfares. I especially like helping people fly premium for the first time.

Tomas Vorobjov

I offer amazing discounts for business and first class tickets on world class airlines as well as the cheapest fares between the US/Canada, Europe and Australia, through access to unpublished highly discounted fares.

Wojciech Borkowski

I am a professional travel hacker with a concierge service background. I specialize in complicated trips, RTW tickets and business travel. I know everything about elite status and mileage runs and share all my tricks to help you travel better.

Our Investors

In addition to our wonderfully supportive angel investors, we are funded by the following startup accelerators:

Y Combinator
500 Startups
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