About Flightfox

What is Flightfox?

Flightfox is a platform of travel experts whom you can hire for a fixed fee to make sure you have the best trip possible.

In addition to great savings, especially on complex trips, our experts help alleviate the stress from searching and booking trips yourself.

We carefully hand-select each expert and match them to you based on the requirements of your trip. You can also work with your favourite expert directly.

Meet the Team

The Flightfox team is based in Montreal. We operate the platform, hand-select the world's best travel experts, and make sure you receive great value.

Lauren McLeod

Lauren McLeod - Team Flightfox

Lauren is our resident pilot. She carefully monitors airspeed and altitude to ensure correct heading. She also works closely with our experts on product management and improvement.

Lauren is an adventurer at heart. She is the first Australian to cross Mongolia's Gobi Desert entirely on foot over 1,000 miles and 52 days.

Oscar Balladares

Oscar Balladares - Team Flightfox

Oscar is our resident aircraft mechanic. He gets his hands dirty keeping the ramjets well oiled and tires fully inflated. He's also a Symfony mastermind and responsible for Flightfox technology.

When Oscar isn't writing code from his home in Nicaragua, he's hacking from the mean streets of San Francisco, Berlin or Montreal.

Grace McClure

Grace McClure - Team Flightfox

Grace is our resident air traffic controller. She waves those neon-colored wands to prevent collisions and chaos. She also brings humour and life to Flightfox flight hacking content.

Grace has lived abroad in Denmark, been mesmerized by the colours and flavours of Indian markets, and surfed (or face-planted) the Balinese coast.

Todd Sullivan

Todd Sullivan - Team Flightfox

Todd is our resident flight attendant. He ensures all belts are fastened, tray tables are stowed, and seats are in their upright positions. He also originally designed and built Flightfox from the ground up.

Todd has summited Kilimanjaro, searched for tribes in the Peruvian Amazon, circumnavigated India by rail, and plans to do the Ice Run to the North Pole.

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