How Companies Should Travel

Managing business travel is tough, especially as you raise money, build out your team and travel more frequently. In this post we explain all of the lessons, tips and tricks we've learned managing travel for more than 1,000 companies.

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Airline Reviews

In airline reviews, we review the world's best premium cabins:

Our experts travel all over the world, often in premium cabins, and post their reviews here to help you have the best premium class experience. For example, we recently reviewed Singapore's Suites Class where the middle row converts to double bed.

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Travel Tradecraft

In travel tradecraft, check out our "best of" research series:

In this series we conduct exhaustive research into various travel topics to find the best of the best. For example, our research into the best first-class cabins helped us discover Transaero, a lesser known Russian airline that oozes old-world imperial style.

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Hacker Showcase

In hacker showcase, we apply our travel tradecraft to real trip itineraries:

In one of our most audacious hacker showcases, we re-wrote the novel, Around the World in 80 Days, into a novella that explored the idea of traveling around the world in 80 hours. Jill did an amazing job, and although it's a long read, it's perfect for your next flight.

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Business Strategy

In business strategy we discuss our journey to get bigger and better:

We publish our real-time average customer rating on our home page too. It's a conservative measure that takes all refunds and complaints into account. We ask all customers to rate us and we're currently achieve a 55-65% response rate, which is very high.

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